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Friday, February 27, 2015

Ruth 1:16 - Bible Art Journaling with Colored Pencils

Ruth 1:16 is one of my favorite Bible verses and when I saw the inspirational page from Melissa (Instagram @fischtales) (Etsy: Fisch Tale Designs) I just knew I had to color this!!  I just love the shades of pink and sky blue!  It is so yummy to look at!  I used my watercolor pencils, but NO water!!  If you have a moment, check out Melissa's art! It is so inspirational, whimsical, colorful, and happy!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Portable Distress Ink Palette

I found that using a piece of packaging for an ink palette works GREAT!  You just scribble your ink on with your Distress Marker.  Then pick it up with your paintbrush!  This is the best technique for when just a little dab of paint will do!  You can use this for any of your water-based markers, no matter the brand.  Or, this one is big enough to smear ink on from the Distress Ink Pad as well!  Then when you're done you can just wipe it clean with a damp paper towel or a baby wipe.  Ready to use next time!
I wanted to make mine a little prettier than just the torn edges!! So, i cleaned up the paper tears along the sides and then wrapped the edges with some pretty washi tape!  Yeah! Now, it's cute!

Monday, February 02, 2015

From kitchen table to ART table!!

I found this old kitchen table at a flea market and thought it would be perfect for a giant craft/art table! It is super heavy and has 2 leaf inserts to make it extra long!! As a dinning room table it would probably sit 8 people!  I paid $80.  I immediately knew I wanted it to be sunshine yellow! So bright and happy!  I started with the legs and primed em up.  Then painted the legs.  Next, primed the top and then painted!  I just love how it turned out!  It's definitely not a perfect paint job.  In fact, I should have painted the leaves separately but too late for that!  Anyhow, ready to cover with crafty projects!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Watercolor Flower Pot - Distress Inks

More Bible Verse doodling! I used Distress Inks (w/water) and outlined parts with my Micron pen.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Watercolor Hydrangea in a Ball Mason Jar

It's week 2 in my Documented Faith group and this weeks verse is  
Psalms 25: 4-5
Show me Your ways, Lord, teach me Your paths.  Guide me in Your Truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my Hope is in You all day long.
I have been wanting to paint a hydrangea in a mason for a long time so here it is!  I really enjoyed it and after watching a few tutorials on You Tube I gave it a try!  I'm pretty happy with it for a first try.  I definitely need to work more on painting glass.  Not to mention, I'm really not happy with my lettering.  It just looks like my same boring hand writing to me.  I have signed up for a Lettering/Doodle class with Stephanie Ackerman and I'm looking forward to that!  I'm hoping it will help improve my hand lettering!

Here is my initial sketch that I started out with.  I was thinking about making this hydrangea into a new Digital Stamp for my store at Tiffany Doodles.  What do you think?
 I started with my Mason jar and painted wet on wet a turquoise blue. Again, need to work on my glass & water reflection technique.  I used a basic water color palette and mixed some of my own shades.  I drew the word 'Ball' on with my Distress Ink watercolor marker (fine tip) in Tumbled Glass.
 Next, I filled in the base color for my leaves. I used a sharp edge of my ruler to carve out the veins in the leaves.  I then painted wet on wet the base color for the flower.  Before I paint I try to erase some of my pencil lines so they don't show thru.  Ha!! On the flower, I couldn't even see them anymore so that was a waste of time, but I guess not, b/c it gave me a good silhouette to follow for the shape.
 Next, I painted in a few little flowers with a mix of Cerulean Blue and Purple.  I just guessed at the shapes!  It only takes a few to be in focus and then just swish your brush around a bit to fake a few! =)
 I added more depth to the leaves and did a few yellow dots in the center of some of the flowers here and there.  Then added a purple table!
 For the background, I wet everything with clear water right up to the edge of the flowers then dabbled some pink and blue, which made some purple shades in a few spots that blended.  I also painted the wings on my butterfly to give it a stained glass look.
 I went over my words with my Faber-Castell PITT waterproof pen.  On the butterfly (or maybe it's a dragonfly) wings I made tiny little veins!

 Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (except for my hand lettering).  If you are interested in joining the Documented Faith group on Facebook, just send a request to join!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tim Holtz Distress Ink DIY Color Chart

I Love my Tim Holtz Distress Inks!  Why?  B/c I love watercolor!!  For those of you who may not know, they are a water based ink which means they are soluble in water!  They come in 49 colors and are available in ink pads, markers, stains, & sprays.  I have them all in the ink pads and the markers!  They are coming out with 12 new colors in 2015.  They plan to release them 1 color per month!  Oh the anticipation!  The new color for January is called Cracked Pistachio!  It is a delicious shade of turquoise that is very vintage and kitschy!  I'll be ordering from Crafty Saver as soon as it starts shipping in Feb.  They have the best prices and customer service!
I wanted my Distress Ink chart with me where ever I go so I just made it in my journal!  My journal pages are #140 watercolor paper.  While you can use these markers/ink on just about any paper, for blending purposes you won't find anything better than watercolor paper.   So, my journal pages are 5.5" x 8" in size. I cut a small square piece of card stock 3/4" square and snipped the corners for a more rounded look. I managed to get 6 colors across and 6 colors down.  I left a 1/2" space between the rows to write in the color name.  Since this wasn't enough room for all 49 colors I continued the chart on the back.  If I do this again, I'll lay it out so that it is on two facing pages!
I penciled in my squares and then went over them with my Faber-Castell Pitt pens b/c they are waterproof.  Then I erased all the pencil marks.
I wrote in all the ink names.  I messed up on a few looking from an old chart and had to paint over them with Gesso.
After the gesso dried I filled in the names!
Here is the back side of the page.
To fill in the boxes, i used a small heart stamp and my Distress Ink pads and stamped the heart in the corner.  Next I used my Distress markers and colored in the bottom of the square.  I used my water brush to pull the color up towards the heart to show it fading into the white page.
I continued on the back.  I kept my little square template stuck to the page with Washi tape so I can add more squares as new colors are released.  After all 12 new colors are released this year then I will prolly make a new chart so I can insert them where they will belong, but for now, I'll just add them to the bottom.   I'd love to see your color charts if you try this out!! Leave a comment!  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coloring the Page Edges of my Journaling Bible

For Christmas this past year (2014) I got a Journaling/Doodling Bible!  Not to mention, a ton of new art supplies!  I was so inspired by Ashley's post at A Pile of Ashes and how she colored her bible edges I decided to do it myself!  For those of you who don't know what a Journaling Bible is.  It's a regular bible with a 2" column on both sides of the pages that gives you room to "make notes".  My notes just happen to be very artsy, creative and colorful!!  I haven't started on the inside yet, but I'll post here when I do!  Trust me, it won't be long!!
To start, I got out a few of my favorite stamps and started stamping.  If you are trying this as well, I can go ahead and tell you that it's a bit difficult to get an even stamping because of the contour of the pages (not totally flat).   I started out by flipping back the front & back covers and used the back of my hand to press the bible against the edge of my table to smoosh the pages together tight.
I then inked my stamp with (Staz-On) and stamped it on.  I was not happy with that first stamp.  I had to use my Faber-Castell drawing pens to fill in all the lines that didn't stamp.  
Then I discovered that if I used my fingers instead of the acrylic blocks I could get a more even stamping b/c I could "roll" the stamp along the curves with my fingers.  I liked this method and used it for the rest of the project.

Once I got all my stamps layed down.  Then I picked up my new Distress Ink Watercolor markers and started coloring!  (Note: I did NOT use any water.)  I filled in all the stamps first.  Then I outlined all the stamps in Tumbled Glass and filled in the white space with Peacock Feathers.  I didn't really like the look of the transition between the two colors so I used my pen to outline as you see here.
Next, I decided to fill in some blank spaces with dots and some curly q's! all over where ever I could fit some in.

I loved this little strawberry stamp and colored it in layers.
Here are some finished shots!  If you have any questions, just leave a comment! 

Sunday, January 04, 2015

My art pens and how I've organized them!!

For the most part, I do my art journaling and watercolor at home.  Then there are occasions when I am in the mood to take it with me everywhere I go!  Back when I was heavy into card making and drawing stamps for my Digital Stamp store ( I had my art supplies all over the place in my studio. I would save tin cans and decorate them with pretty scrapbooking paper and put all my pens and pencils in them.  Later, I discovered it's better to keep them all horizontally stored, no matter what!  With all the new pen sets I've gotten for Christmas I had to figure a better way to keep them horizontal and have the ability to grab 'em and go at any time!  So, I went on a hunt and found these caddies at Hobby Lobby!! Perfect! And if you use a coupon they are only like $7!

There are 4 compartments.  The bottom one is the deepest.  The 2 middle are somewhat shallow.  Then the top one is a bit larger b/c they lid allows it to be a bit fuller.

The ends pop together so, essentially you could keep building them on top of each other!

Here's how I've filled them!  In the first case, I filled the larger bottom box with my distress markers.  All 49 fit splendidly!

The next shallow box held my new 5" x 8.5" Moleskin like a glove!  Above that I have my Stablio super fine drawing markers set of 24 with room for a bit more.

Then in the top box I put my set of 36 Bic Mark It markers and with the extra space that the lid provides they fit perfectly!

Then my second pen caddy holds the following:  The bottom box holds my Gelly Rolls, Glaze, Glitter, Stardust, Meteor, and Metallic and a few other metallic pens too.

Then next box up holds my both of my Moonlight sets, bold and fine as well as my Souffle pens.  The next shallow box holds all of my scrubbers, sponges, fantastix sticks, paper stumps, daubers, etc.

Then the top box holds all of my Faber-Castell and Micron drawing pens, all of my white pens, my Sumo grip mechanical pencil and my (awesome) eraser!

Next up is my art tote (from Hobby Lobby) that I LOVE!  On this side you can see my collection of 48 Fiskars Gel pens, my scissors, my clip on Ott Light, 2 pack of fine drawing markers, a set of metallic watercolor paints, and my Koi (24 pan) watercolor travel kit.  In the middle I have my ruler, a couple of drawing inspiration books, 2 generic paint pallets and my set of 36 Prismacolor Watercolor pencils.  On the end are some small ATC paper packs and some water brushes.

On this side are my paintbrushes, and several more watercolor pencils.  I also have a few paper pads and journals in there.

My next tote box holds my Distress Ink pads, my black StazOn pad, a couple of Distress stains, 12 pans of Perfect Pearls, and a few tubes of iridescent acrylic paints.  Oh and my masking Frisket!

With everything I just showed you, that is 4 different things to take with you.  That would be for a long trip, like to my sisters for a week or so.  If I'm just going for a walk to do some sketching then I would condense everything to just my pencil, eraser, 2 drawing pens, my Koi watercolor travel kit, my water brush, and my paper pad.

Take care! Tiffany

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